Monday, September 7, 2009

GreenTracks works to save endangered amphibians

Most everyone knows it is not a good time to be an amphibian. Chytrid fungus, global warming, rampant contamination of air and's depressing just writing about it. GreenTracks got to lend a helping hand when Bill Lamar went to Santiago, Chile, to assist in setting up breeding units to aid in conservation of Darwin's Frog.

Not only is the frog, a native of South America's southern temperate rainforests, a beautiful creature, but also we are celebrating the 200th anniversary of its namesake: Charles Darwin. Darwin discovered this little frog during his epic voyage on the HMS Beagle.

Funded by the Atlanta Botanical Garden the new facility is in Chile's excellent National Zoo, and without their enthusiastic help, the task of getting everything assembled would have been impossible, and a lot less pleasant. Pulling long days (and nights) we got it done and now things have moved to the final stages of preparation. Next big step will be to place some frogs into their new home and start producing them. The project is also funding critical field work in order to establish how much suitable habitat and how many frog populations remain. GreenTracks is committed to conserving the Earth's resources and we join all Chileans in the hope that this project will be a success.

After days of hard work, it was great to see the completed facility.



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