Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wildlife filming in the Amazon

Over the past 15 years, GreenTracks has organized filmshoots for companies ranging from Discovery and Animal Planet to National Geographic, the BBC, and The History Channel. Temperamental animals, recalcitrant equipment, and inclement weather coupled with heat, humidity, and mosquitos can make a filmshoot the most heroic undertaking. Through it all we have enjoyed getting to know the talented, smart, humorous and capable people who make these stories appear on your television screen. We all know, or at least try and remind ourselves, that television is fiction (although we try to make it as accurate as possible), but the real stories are the ones behind the scenes.....the heroes who get the job done. We tip our hats to all of them.

If you ever wondered how they do those slow-motion rotating shots around a character, as in the Matrix films, this is how it is done - with videos cameras on each end of a set of still cameras.



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