Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip report - Delfin cruise

We received this letter and photos from Patricia Neale, who recently traveled with us on one of our Delfin cruises.

I recently took my trip of a lifetime which Green Tracks arranged for me. I began my journey with a cruise of the Amazon Basin aboard the Delfin II.

The Delfin II is an incredible riverboat built about 2 years ago and made from local products which reflects the area that it plies. The attention to detail from the table settings, the folded bath towels and the food were as spectacular as the flora and fauna that we explored each day. My swim with the pink river dolphins, in water that was surprisingly so cold I thought my limbs would fall off, is a memory that I’ll remember even if I should have Alzheimers. The owners of the Delfin help the economy of the village people along the river by purchasing walking cat fish and other food products as we stopped along the river that was prepared for dinner each night by an extraordinary chef. The crew entertained us with music after dinner playing Peruvian songs, dancing and singing as we slowly floated down the river. In addition, the village people have started producing crafts that reflect the animals in the area as well as baskets and bowls made from local gourds and grass enabling them to provide a better life for their families and to educate their children.
At the end of my cruise, I stopped in Iquitos and had dinner with Scott who gave me insight to that quirky, Bangkok-like town on the Amazon River.

I proceeded to Machu Picchu. There are no words to describe and no pictures that can compare to the reality of Machu Picchu. You just have to go there, but be prepared to deal with the high altitudes of Cusco and surrounding areas.

Now if that wasn’t enough, I headed to Galapagos to cruise the “Darwin Islands”. All the animals in the Galapagos are totally unafraid of people and you can walk so near them that you feel they look at you like you are one of them.

It was an unforgettable experience thanks to Green Tracks because they provided me with superb hotels, guides, and flights leaving me with no worries. Everywhere I went I felt a personal touch and warmth from all the people that I came in contact with. What for an incredible experience! Thanks.



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