Friday, September 3, 2010

Jungle lodge on the Quebrada Oran

This lodge is situated on a small tributary of the Amazon called the Quebrada Oran. The Oran region is rich in biodiversity and the lodge is near both high and lowland habitat, the Amazon River and many black-water lakes. The region behind the lodge is one of the seven Climatic Refuges in the Amazon Basin and is one of the highest in biodiversity of plants and animals. GreenTracks' itineraries can be customized to meet the guests interests.

Short or long nature hikes - Learn about the rainforest, relationships of animals and plants, lifecycles of the trees, water and epiphytes.

Bird watching - Macaws and parrots, prehistoric appearing hoatzin birds, horned screamers, hawks, eagles, falcons, herons.... hundreds of species!

Canoeing and boat excursions - explore oxbow lakes, lagoons, beaches, islands, flooded tahuampa forest, fishing, wildlife viewing.

Ethnobotany, Medicinal plants - hikes, talks, visits with shaman healers, gardens.

Indigenous cultures - Visit a Yagua Indian village, make bows and spears, weave baskets and bracelets. Purchase native arts and crafts - bracelets, necklaces, dresses, statues, blowguns, paddles, pottery and handbags.

Observe - giant water lilies, pink dolphins, frogs, giant river turtles laying eggs, enormous trees, strange insects, exotic plants, monkeys, maybe even an ocelot or jaguar.

Nocturnal excursions - by boat, on foot, looking for caiman and other nocturnal wildlife.

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