Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cuzco mural by Juan Bravo

Famed Peruvian muralist Juan Bravo completed a history of the Incas and Cuzco in 1992. It is located on the Avenida del Sol in Cuzco. These photos come from the blog of Faviana Rodriguez with photos by estria/

The left-hand side of the mural.

The Building of Cuzco.

The Inca and the Puma. The Puma was sacred to the Incas.

The middle part of the mural. The main figure is one of the Inca’s most powerful rulers Pachacutec.

The festival of Inti Raymi that the Quechuas used to honor the sacred Sun.

The killing of Tupac Amaru, who lead a revolt against the Spanish in 1781.

Right hand side. The Independence of Cuzco.

The Independence of Cuzco showing the textile industry, the symbolic rainbow of Cuzco and the Inca looking to the future.




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