Tuesday, July 19, 2011

GreenTracks’ tours combine an Amazon Riverboat Cruise and Machu Picchu

This exciting GreenTracks package combines the grandeur of the mightiest river in the world, the Amazon, with the mystery and incredible sights of Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Experience diverse geography, culture and history in one unforgettable trip.

Years of experience exploring the Amazon allows GreenTracks to offer a unique cruise experience. The GreenTracks Amazon Riverboat Cruise is a wildlife adventure cruise. There are several excursions daily off the riverboat led by bilingual Naturalist Guides. Using small excursion boats explore the creeks and oxbow lakes in search of wildlife in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. After dark do the same in search of caiman and colorful frogs and hear the incredible night sounds of the jungle. There are also hikes on rainforest trails in search of interesting animals, multicolored butterflies, bizarre insects, exotic flowers and gigantic trees.

These are 7 day cruises departing from Iquitos, Peru, on scheduled dates. Group size is always small, typically 8 - 12 people. The Amazon riverboat has plenty of room to spread out and relax. Each cabin is air conditioned and has private bath & shower. There is an enclosed air-conditioned dining room and an outdoor bar area. Meals of both international and regional cuisine are served buffet-style in the air-conditioned dining room.

A GreenTracks Wildlife Cruise is fun, stimulating and educational. With over 20 years of operation GreenTracks has provided memorable experiences of the Amazon for thousands of travelers.

Cuzco, the ancient capital of the Inca empire is now a modern small city that has retained much of its colonial charm. A tour of Cuzco includes visits to the Cathedral, the Inca Temple of the Sun, the nearby ruins at Sacsayhuaman and the Inca Bath at Tambomachay. Cuzco is an excellent place to purchase wonderful arts and crafts. Plan on picking up some of the local Alpaca wool sweaters.

The Legendary "Lost City of Machu Picchu" is without a doubt the most important attraction in Peru and one of the world's most impressive archaeological sites. It was recently voted to be one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. Built by the Incas on the summit of Machu Picchu (Old Peak), over-looking the deep canyon of the Urubamba River in a semi-tropical area 75 miles from the city of Cuzco at 8,000 feet above sea level. It is thought to have been a sanctuary or temple inhabited by high priests and the "Virgins of the Sun".

The Combination Trip can start with any of the scheduled Amazon Riverboat Cruise dates and continue with a 3, 4 or 6 day program to Cuzco and Machu Picchu the following week. Call 1-800-892-1035 or click on the link below

GreenTracks Amazon Cruises and Machu Picchu Combination program