Wednesday, September 19, 2012

NEW GreenTracks video

GreenTracks has added a new video to our YouTube Channel - the GreenTracks Amazon Riverboat Wildlife Adventure. These trips take you into remote areas of the Peruvian rainforest to observe monkeys, sloths, birds, dolphins and other creatures that inhabit this majestic place. GreenTracks is a leader in these types of trips with 20 years of experience and an intimate knowledge the rivers and lakes.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Traveler's Feedback

GreenTracks has delivered memorable adventures with expert guidance to countless travelers, including both amateur and professional naturalists.

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                      National Geographic Adventure magazine - April 2005
                      Delta Airline's in-flight magazine: SKY - August 1999
                      Conde Nast magazine,
                      Reptile magazine,
                      Once In A Lifetime Trips

Here's what people are saying about GreenTracks tours...

"Thank you for arranging an excellent trip for us. We have all just returned to the US from three weeks in Perú. Each of the three segments (GreenTracks cruising the Rio Marañon aboard the Ayapua, InkaNatura to Heath River and Lake Sandoval lodges, and SouthWild tour of Cuzco and Machu Picchu) were very interesting and educational. The food was excellent. We photographed more wild animals than we expected. And every travel connection was perfectly smooth and on time. Great job! We will recommend your travel services to our friends.

Sam Bunge

"I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an excellent itinerary for Alison, Colin, Nell, Deb and me. The whole trip was an unqualified success with all the arrangements working perfectly and excellent guides (Ari, Xavier and Perci). My only problem is that I have come back with too many photographs (I usually throw away about 70%, this time I am struggling as I want to keep almost all of them!). It was one of the best holidays of my life (and Deb and I have been lucky enough to travel extensively) - I am really most grateful for your hard work and expertise. Thank you."

William Blackhouse

"I'd been watching Trip Advisor for some time before deciding on a 3-week trip to Peru. For someone from the dry desert--that's me!--the Amazon rain forest would definitely be a change I wanted. Some conversations on Trip Advisor led me to check out GreenTracks, and I'm glad I did. GreenTracks offers a broad variety of services, so I chose what I wanted and they lined things up for me. I wanted to immerse myself in exploring this Avatar-like world, spending my time as I wanted. I was traveling alone and really didn't want to be stuck with a tour agenda, but I also didn't want to spend too much time looking for legitimate guides, boats, directions, prices, etc. I liked the way GreenTracks knew all the tourist services available, and which ones were trustworthy and met my expectations. They arranged for my stay at a jungle lodge as well as the historic Casa Morey in Iquitos. My favorite part of the trip was my 7-days on a restored steamboat, the historic Ayapua. The guide, I believe he was fluent in French as well as English, spent his childhood living in the rain forest and was like a walking encyclopedia! He could quickly spot and name birds of all kinds, sloths, iguanas, anacondas, dolphins, tapirs, monkeys, insects, tiny frogs--and I can assure you, they are all masters at camouflage. Then there were all the different trees and plants and how they were used by the people for food, medicine, construction, protection, etc., etc.!"

Kathryn Jennings

"We returned safe and sound Friday morning from a WONDERFUL trip! GreenTracks delivered on all that you promised. We were very well taken care of from beginning to end. All transfers went extremely smoothly and we felt very safe. In particular, the local guides were all outstanding. Victor on the river was so much fun and taught us so much. The guide in Iquitos (I can't remember his name) also was very good, taking us to some very colorful places. Eddie in Cusco just has to be the best guide from that area. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him. All in all, the trip was all that we had hoped for and more. I hope we can travel with GreenTracks again."

Mary McCartney Nederhoed

"I have learned a few things on this trip:
1. In the movies, the piranhas eat the people; here the people eat the piranhas.
2. The people living in the jungle, though sometimes shy, treat you like family.
3. The people who made my tour possible were genuinely interested in my welfare and desired that I come to know Peru as they know it -- A land of possibilities.
Thank you!"

Doug Hagens

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